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BluePrint Pension Services (BPPS) is an enterprise that designs and develops solutions with the goal to reduce old age poverty. Our main target group is the currently 2 billion people without access to pension and financial products. In emerging countries, these are mostly people working in the informal economy*. In developed countries we see that because of changing family structures – declining birthrates and increasing life expectancy – saving for old age is becoming an issue and the current pension provisions will be unaffordable in future.

In emerging countries saving for old age is even more at risk. We also see an increase in life expectancy, rising health costs but most importantly a non-inclusive social security and financial system. For these people the biggest risk of longevity is falling into poverty.

In both the developed and emerging countries we see that financial products providing old age security currently do not fit the needs of people. At BPPS we want to change this by developing innovative pension solutions with a focus on inclusiveness.

Our services are specifically designed for pension companies and organizations targeting customers in underserved markets, i.e. the informal sector. To serve these customers, focus is on affordable high quality services and products as well as knowledge exchange. For a pension participant, this means personalized info on his/her personal pension account with biometric identification and mobile payments, as well as accessible and manageable at any time through mobile phone or web-account and a strong focus on the affordability of the service.

The ambitious goal of an inclusive pension system is realized step by step. At this stage, we offer knowledge, pension solutions and support for pension companies in reaching new target groups.

Our clients are Provident funds, Social enterprises, pension funds and non-governmental organizations. Together we develop inclusive pension solutions.

Free micro pension webinar

To share our knowledge and discuss developments in the market we regularly host webinars. Join us for a webinar about micro pensions and how to prepare for longevity on January 16 2019 10:30 am CEST (Amsterdam)

Find more information or register directly here.

micro pension webinar preparing for longevity



At BPPS we are always open to interns who wish to support our work. We especially seek interns in the fields of:

  • Marketing
  • Research and analysis
  • Behavioural sciences

If you have keen and proven interest in financial inclusion please contact us with your CV and motivation letter. These can be sent to

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You can follow our activities on Facebook and read more about the background of our team members on LinkedIn. If you would like to come and talk with us please contact us for an appointment.


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