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Our services are specifically designed for pension companies targeting customers in underserved markets for example the informal sector in emerging countries or self-employed in developed countries and are based on the principal of individual savings and collective investments. To serve our clients, focus is on affordable high quality services and products as well as knowledge exchange of best practices.

For the pension participant, this means personalized info on his personal pension account with biometric identification and mobile payments, as well as accessible and manageable at any time through mobile phone or web-account.

The designs of BluePrint Pension Services are innovative and consist of fully integrated pension solutions and cover the complete pension participant customer journey and pension administrative process.

BPPS considers the challenges of pensions for the informal economy in developing countries which are a.o.; lack of pension knowledge and experience, high inflation, high administrative costs, lack of trustworthy identification, no banking access, remote locations, corruption, fraud, low financial literacy and low pension awareness.

The BPPS solutions not only work for developing countries but are also for countries with a well-developed pension market. Our focus remains on reaching the clients and affordability of pension solutions.

Implemented solutions

  • People’s Pension Holding Customer Journey
  • People’s Pension Trust Ghana
  • Zowerktpensioen.nl

Feasibility studies

The feasibility study aims to map opportunities and risks in setting up a pension solution or pension company in a specific country. During the feasibility study phase BPPS visits the country and maps:

  1. Need of target group for the pension product/company
  2. Social impact of the pension solution
  3. Availability and costs of existing payment infrastructure
  4. Existing (micro)pension solutions
  5. Economic stability
  6. Pension law
  7. Possible roles for the pension company

Business design

The BluePrint approach aims to design an optimal pension company and/or pension solution in a specific region or country and validate assumptions for this pension company:

  1. BluePrint pension organization design: organizational structure and responsibilities
  2. BluePrint financial product design: tailor made depending on needs and culture
  3. BluePrint process design: client to client process design
  4. BluePrint customer journey: client to client mobile and online customer journey
  5. BluePrint administrative design: STP client, financial and fund administration design
  6. BluePrint strategy design: i.e. distribution and investment strategies and social impact framework
  7. Advice on selection local partners: payment provider, financial administration system, fund management

Business start-up

Strategy execution and implementation specialists bringing the pension company to the phase that it is up and running.

  1. Local pension company staff selection
  2. Employee training
  3. Management and board coaching
  4. Processes implementation
  5. IT implementation
  6. Financial literacy campaign


Business Excellence

Ongoing support and development of different lifecycles of pension companies through the Pension Expert Centre. These services include but are not limited to:

  1. Employee training: develop pension knowledge and skills (pension administration, asset management, risk management, compliance, reporting, product development, IT development/maintenance, marketing/communication)
  2. Quality control: check on organizational processes, administration, financial stability and IT processes
  3. Social Impact measurement framework: training in measuring social impact
  4. Servicing of BPPS customer and pension journey: updates, business support of the BPPS customer and pension journey.
  5. Product launch: new financial product design
  6. Investment strategy development: develop new investment strategies for new lifecycles
  7. Optimization: optimize processes and lower costs, solve process issues
  8. Risk management: develop strategies around risks
  9. Coaching: develop abilities or find guidance during big challenges (for management)

Pension Expert Centre

At the center of the business excellence phase is the Pension Expert Centre (PEC), a unique platform that is open to pension experts from all pension markets. It is the place to exchange knowledge and learn from each other and develop ones skills. PEC will be;

  1. The online distribution channel of BluePrint Pension Services consultancy and products
  2. A pension community to develop ones knowledge and share experiences with the PEC members
  3. A pension library and database with pension information and best practices
  4. A personal pension learning and training environment to develop ones pension skills

PEC members have a personal profile and get access to pension news, articles, market studies, best practices and webinars that fit their need. BluePrint Pension Services monitors shared documents and learnings to maintain a high quality standard within the PEC Library.

PEC library

Please find a selection of relevant (micro) pension publications from our PEC Library. To access below documents please leave your email address.

I want to participate

Currently PEC is under construction, if you wish to participate in our Beta version please leave your contact information.

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